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Friday, September 8, 2017

Hurricane Irma is coming and she is very bad...

This graphic explains why the Atlantic side of Florida will take such a pounding...

This depends on the strength of the storm at landfall and where it hits.

I have a few X Men Storm images...well just because!

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Hurricane Jose is out there too...

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History: Great Hurricane of 1780 (it killed 27,000+ in the Caribbean)
And before people contend Hurricanes are worse now, here's a list of deadliest hurricanes in the Americas.

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  1. The fickle finger of fate is buggering my back side - and there is some people are kicking me while I am down...

    Both of my computers have gone and done a nuclear melt down thing - plus I have forgotten my passwords...

    Enjoy all things

    1. We wait your digital return. Just avoid any unwelcome digital probes.

  2. Is it coming? Looks to have made landfall in Cuba and still moving west.

  3. HAHAHAHA Fox News weather guy just dropped his mask. He's talking about Irma tracking into Cuba and says in the 12-24 hours "hopefully it will make the turn north". Then he catches himself, but yeah they hope. Because if it doesn't turn north, Irma will become Florida's Rita.

    This is a bad storm. I don't hope for it to hit anyone, and I definitely want it to stay out of the Gulf of Mexico. But it looked to me 5 day ago that it was south enough to go into the Gulf, and it will be massively destructive if it does. Gas is difficult to find now, wait until the rest of the southern US refineries are facing heavy winds and flooding.

    Here's the thing though, people need trust. If the hurricane models are this bad, then people won't trust them. They've been predicting a turn north since the storm was way out in the mid-Atlantic. It was even thought at one time to not even be a threat to the US. The storm has wobbled in a sine wave, but it has yet to turn north. It is still not turning north, the forecast discussions (I always recommend reading the discussion rather than the forecast) says it won't for 12-24 hours, but the forecast cone shows it turning any moment. These people aren't making a serious case.

    Oh, and we will soon here how we should trust NOAA's climate models about more and more severe hurricanes.

    1. We will find out soon enough. That the storm is predicted to move up the gulf coast of Florida (while not good for people there) is probably less destructive than the storm moving up the Atlantic coast due to the rotation of the storm. Every land fall (like Cuba) weakens it more.

      It seems to be following the track of last week more than the recent ones by NOAA.


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