Monday, August 28, 2017

If you want to help Houston following Hurricane Harvey, here are good charities...

There are plenty of legitimate charities to give to if you want to help Houston and South Texas and Louisiana:  Salvation ArmySamaritan's Purse, Catholic Charities of Houston-Galveston, and Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund

I do not give or recommend giving to the Red Cross: It is a scam charity in my opinion, more concerned with fund raising than assistance.  

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  1. Many good people need the help of the charities listed above. Give what you can. Agree with you 100% on Red Cross. During my life I have had 3 contacts with them and they were all negative. Also a guy down the street from me worked for the Red Cross. As a administrator he got paid over $100,000.00 and got a new car every year.

  2. Thanks for keeping us in your thoughts, Evi! I checked with my cousins in central Texas, and their cows are safe! I don't know how the King Ranch turned out, but I'm sure they took care of their cows.


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