Sunday, August 27, 2017

Fish In House After Hurricane Harvey

NY Post: House Fishing After Hurricane Harvey

There is a lot of damage occurring in Texas. This flooding will be bad. 


  1. High and dry where I am, but round 3 is hitting SE Houston now and will get to my home by midnight. So far, no loss of power. I'm hoping it stays that way. I need to work tomorrow, and I can do that from home if power is on. This storm really is amazing. Its much worse than Allison, which I thought worse than Ike (which went directly over my home). We get Tornado warnings continuously throughout the day and just ignore them. Tornados here aren't the same thing as north Texas and Oklahoma. But that tornados are produced should give you an idea how bad these continuous rain bands are. Round 3 promises another 3" in just one hour.

  2. Tryin to reason with Hurricane Season...

    my family and friends are having a tough time


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