Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Houston to crack down on looting...

Wikipedia describes this as hanging of "quake survivors" but it's really hanging of looters

San Francisco 1906

They will probably not hang you in Texas for looting (anymore). Still, there is an excellent chance of you getting shot (if a private citizen catches you doing it to his or her home) or being arrested and vigorously prosecuted for it (if the police catch you). Texas will not tolerate mayhem. Texas is not Berkeley (even Austin is not Berkeley).  

AoSHQ: Scenes from Houston (focus on the good)

Goodstuff's Cyber Blog: The Harvey Heroes (there is a lot of good)

Daily Caller: Looting and Looters face potential life in prison (in Texas they likely face being shot) 


  1. The Shoot On Sight rule was SOP in many places for many years.

    1. There are reports that in San Francisco 1906 troops shot people going through their own collapsed and burnt homes by mistake. Which is why I am for neighborhoods protecting their own to determine who belongs and who doesn't. It cuts off looting if you know their will be consequences and they will be swift.

  2. The neighborhood threads weren't too happy with the looters. I would like to say I was amazed at national reaction to the ABC report on looters, but I'm not. Looters aren't just hungry people looking for food. If they wanted food, they could go to a shelter and get it. Lots of it. These people want free things. And the stories of price gouging are way over blown. Were there stores showing signs of $99 for case of water? Yes, but it was also the very last item and likely a gag. I didn't see one gas station that raised prices.

    So what does that mean about the looters; they are thugs preying on the vulnerable. South of my home, two assholes were walking around with masks and bricks knocking on doors in flooded sections to see if people had already left and then using bricks to break in and steal food. Oh wait, nobody ever saw them with food. They were stealing jewelry. They looked every bit like members of antifa. The response from neighbors? "Gators got to eat too"


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