Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Linda Sarsour: Asshat Of The Day

"lifeless eyes, black eyes, like a doll's eyes..."

Twitchy: Jim Treacher hilariously trolls Linda Sarsour with her old tweets

More Hurricane Force Asshattery: Daily Wire and Pam Geller report on Linda Sarsour 

I gave Joel Osteen a hard time on being slow to open the doors of his church to those displaced by Harvey Harvey (he eventually did open them), but the Daily Wire and Pam Geller (and lots of others) are reporting that Linda Sarsour is alleged to be soliciting donations in a misleading way for some leftist organizing group. So based on those allegations, Linda Sarsour gets Asshat of the Day.  


  1. BTW, on the Joel Osteen thing; based partially on his words and also what I've seen across Houston; I think he was likely asked by they city to be a distribution point for supplies when the time came. What many people don't understand is the logistics issue Houston is facing right now. The flood waters might be dropping (Buffalo Bayou is still 10' above previous record flood stage and not dropping yet), but getting normal food supplies to grocery stores is almost impossible in many areas. I suspect you might have cracked open Atlas Shrugged at some point in your life. Well, Houston is the large city, but rather than Atlas Shrugging, we are cut off from the farms. It is slowly returning, but what supplies are in Houston right now will get to a rationing level fairly soon. Exacerbating this problem is people needed to load trucks, drive trucks, and unload trucks are either in need of shelter or volunteering to provide aid and rescue.

    I'm no fan of Joel Osteen, and agree with many he's a bit of a fraud. But there's a lot people trying to score cheap political points right now. Most of the people I see doing so look to have soft hands and clean finger nails. It's ok, we didn't want their help anyway. But we also know who did something and who sat around bitching when they could lend a hand.

    You're helping Evi. You're talking about how to get help. And yeah, Linda Sarsour needs to be pointed out for trying to divert funds to help others for her terrorist plans. So I'm not talking about you above.

    1. Thanks. I was not as harsh on Joel Osteen as Linda Sarsour. Osteen was slow to act (it took a bit of shaming to get him to respond), but eventually he acted to help his city. Linda Sarsour was quick to act, but purely for her own evil purposes. There is nothing about helping Houston about it. She is a cancer to society.


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