Sunday, October 9, 2016

Debate Night Two: Clinton and Trump Update: Trump Wins

DRUDGE REPORT: Trump vs. the World

So who agreed that Cooper and Raddatz would control this one? Does anyone really think Anderson Cooper and Martha Raddatz are down the middle?  Why does the GOP constantly agree to moderators when they consistently get an unfair shake from those moderators?

This whole blow up over Trump's hot mic years comments years ago with no mention of Clintons' notorious past and the confirmation of media coordination with the Clinton campaign makes one think the fix is in.

Matt Lauer is still being attacked over his moderation (for not challenging Trump enough and challenging Hillary Clinton too much) and the message has been very clear.  Lester Holt did a lot of fact checking, especially in the second half. Donald Trump got follow up questions, Hillary Clinton got virtually none.  The same was true with Elaine Quijano and the Vice President debate.  It is the double standard that gauls me and it is outrageous.

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  1. The GOP elitocracy were just waiting for an opportunity to back Hillary. DJT better lose, for their sakes.


  2. Broads are hilarious. Slut walks, tattoos, piercings, they shave their heads and dye what's left for blue hair, orange hair, green hair. They drink too much, eat too much, weigh too much. They dump their husbands and even their children on a whim, they gobble the M&Ms of the depressed, they poison their wombs with the pills that prevent pregnancy, they abort their children. Because they're sluts, they have to dust off their nasty vaginas with antibiotics against the warts and herpes every couple of months and they've rewritten the rules on promiscuity such that their thighs and mouths are spring-loaded to the open position. This for, especially for, a Donald Trump, where they might get to monetize their promiscuity. Every single way there is to degrade women, women have already done to themselves. But Donald, HE's the whore, right? We men, we're supposed to be sorry.

    Feminists, these Democrat women and they are ALL Democrats, they're perfect, you know. It isn't enough that we're supposed to forgive their destruction, we're also supposed to be happy about it.


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