Saturday, October 8, 2016

Grabbing Pussies: Paul Ryan and the GOP better stop acting like a bunch of scaredy cats

My friends over at The Other McCain think the Donald is done for. While I am sure this is not helping, I am not so sure Trump is finished. This has a completely insane election and as Drudge notes, the accusations are flying both ways.  

As Andrew Breitbart would say: "So What?"  

Donald Trump acted as a pig. Okay, isn't that a dog bites man story?  There is a reason the moniker "short fingered vulgarian" sticks with the Donald. Of course there is a reason the moniker "Crooked Hillary" sticks with Hillary Clinton. 

How can you get outraged over what Donald Trump said years ago and not get similarly outraged over what about Bill Clinton actually did? Bill Clinton sexually assaulted and raped women. And it it not just a Bill Clinton story, Hillary Clinton helped Bill cover it up. As Juanita Broaddrick noted, what you say and what you do are totally different things. Kathleen Wiley is calling on Hillary Clinton to drop out of the race.

Where was Hillary's outrage when her husband sexually harassed an intern in the work place (that sort of power dynamic makes it hard to call it merely consensual) and sexually assaulted women (beyond the consensual affairs).

As for Paul Ryan: Grow a set. Do not run like a scaredy cat. You should have showed up with Donald Trump at your scheduled event, say you disagreed with Trump's language, point out how you absolutely condemn how the Clintons have treated women for decades, and then refuse to comment further. Your weakness makes the story worse, for you. Whether Trump wins or loses, Paul Ryan and the GOP elites look feckless. 

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