Saturday, October 8, 2016

Everyone Deserves Respect Rule 5

Nancy O'Dell says everyone deserves respect...
I agree with her...

Donald Trump should not have said mean things about her ten years ago.

You know who else deserves respect?  Women who say they are raped.  Hillary even said rape victims deserve to be believed...unless they are raped by Bill Clinton. Then it is different.

Seriously, if you are feigning outrage over Donald Trump and not showing equal or greater outrage over what Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton have done over the years you are a hypocrite and a liar. I do not care what you have to say. You have no credibility with me.  

Scott Adams: The Trump Tapes (Why does this happen on my vacation)

Rule 5 and FMJRA

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  1. What I learned in college; cussing is ineffective. Rough language can be intimidating, but the best leaders can be intimidating without having to use simple abrasive attitudes. So, I'm not impressed with Trump's behavior, and his careless regard of women.

    That said, Trump may have used women, but he gave them a chance to say no. Clinton abused women. Both Clintons! And yes, there is a difference. One hates a person that uses them, but you hate everyone that reminds you of an abuser.

    This is all though an argument about that also distracts from the Clinton's corruption.

    What's amazing is the moronic GOP response; Trump should bow out. What the hell? They are so NeverTrump they are ready to just abandon the Presidential race completely? Trump bowing out means Hillary wins be default. Early voting has started, ballots can't be changed. Pence may theoretically have a chance, but so does the Green Party candidate. The charges against Trump hurt him, no doubt. It's why the Democrats are using them. But for once, can we have the freakin GOP stand up on hind legs point out that Hillary is on tape laughing during a media interview that she got a known rapist off on a technicality. Then go on to point out the Hillary just got away with a crime related to treason because of prosecutorial discretion. And follow up that Hillary's greatest accomplishment as Secretary State was resetting relations with Russia, whose state media now claims that we may be close to nuclear war. Tell me again, Ryan, et al; what Trump said in what he thought was the confidence of others and why that should disqualify him.


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