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Monday, October 10, 2016

Donald Trump to Hillary Clinton: "You'd be in jail"

If Trump loses, at least we will have this moment at the second debate to savor.  Wow.  Trump obviously has his flaws, but kudos to the Donald for laying into Hillary Clinton.

Is it enough to turn things around? This debate alone, no, but it definitely helped. Trump is behind in most of the battle grounds and there is not that much time left. Who knows how many more opposition files will drop (on both candidates) before November 8.  But this is probably still a race.  


  1. Outstanding as always, EDL. I hope it's more than a race at this point. Fingers crossed. And, thank you for your very articulate and excellent defense of Stacy yesterday. You're the only one who bothered to do so, and he should be grateful to you. I know I am. But I still think this is wrong:

    1. Sorry, meant to type 'EBL'. EDL is an acronym in my work autocorrect list meaning Entry, Descent and Landing. My bad.

  2. I went to the RCP link. That quotes exchange is the essence of the GOPe failure. They would have never done what Trump did. It is why they are on the outside looking in. Hillary ought to be called out on this stuff. The biggest disappointment from Trump supporters was that he didn't do so in the 1st debate. That he did it at all is why they are still Trump supporters and not Paul Ryan supporters.

    Great job Evi!


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