Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Post debate musing...

Picking "jobs" as a drinking word not smart!

Trump dominated the first half hour, Hillary the second. The end was a bit of a mess for both of them. Trump fell for too much bait she was throwing out there. Debate prep matters. It also helped Hillary to have Lester Holt pulling for her. 

We will know what the impact is in a few days. My guess is it is not a game changer.  

You think Lester was bad (and he was bad), wait for Martha and Anderson.  

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  1. I didn't watch. I did DVR it, but otherwise I'm uninterested. I'm already decided, Hillary is such a corrupt government official that she should never be given the power of the Presidency.

    The rest is just watching for the sport of it, and the GOP is like Charlie Brown and the media Lucy. The joke never gets old for Lucy, but even the spectator is bored watching the setup for the same joke of an honest and fair debate.

    So I didn't watch.

  2. Trump missed so much low-hanging fruit in that debate. I was screaming at the television from the middle of the first sentence uttered by Holt. Income is NOT up since Obama took office. Trump should've called him out on that lie. Hillary went on and on about trickle down economics, but her husband embraced supply-side economics in his second term. Trump should've pointed that out. Everything she said about Trump's tax returns could be said of her e-mails. He should've used her own bat to beat her. When she said we are all racists, he should have asked her if that included herself, Obama, the black lives matter thugs, Al Sharpton, the Democratic Party, Jesse Jackson, her daughter, and her running mate or if it only applied to white Republicans. When she mentioned equal pay, he should've pounced.

    An hour-and-a-half of missed opportunities.

  3. Has to agree w/ Scott's Adams analysis of the debate:

    "...But Trump needed to solve exactly one problem: Look less scary. Trump needed to counter Clinton’s successful branding of him as having a bad temperament to the point of being dangerous to the country. Trump accomplished exactly that…by…losing the debate.
    Trump was defensive, and debated poorly at points, but he did not look crazy. And pundits noticed that he intentionally avoided using his strongest attacks regarding Bill Clinton’s scandals. In other words, he showed control. He stayed in the presidential zone under pressure. And in so doing, he solved for his only remaining problem. He looked safer.
    By tomorrow, no one will remember what either of them said during the debate. But we will remember how they made us feel. 
    Clinton won the debate last night. And while she was doing it, Trump won the election. He had one thing to accomplish – being less scary – and he did it."


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