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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

What Trump Can Expect At The Presidential Debates

There is a degree of panic in the establishment with Trump's rise (and Hillary's fall) in the polls. You can expect a lot of pressure in the media for the debate "moderators" to gang up on Trump at the debates. I expect the most shenanigans from Martha Raddatz and Anderson Cooper in the second "town hall" forum. Still, Trump needs to be prepared to be called out by any of the moderators.

A general election debate is definitely not a primary debate.  Trump needs to be ready for that, but if Roger Ailes is assisting him he has one of the best coaches out there.

Lester Holt is moderating the first debate on September 26.  Here are the topics to be addressed.   

After what I saw with Martha Raddatz interviewing Mike Pence on birther issues (she gives Hillary a complete pass), I am pretty sure she wants to play the role of Candy Crowley this year.


  1. Ew! What a scraggy face. Man, I wouldn't "F" her with a stolen dick. Is that kind of language allowed here? Anywho, don't sweat Trump. He'll feed em peanuts and bananas until they look like the Scum-Monkeys they are. Anderson Cooper? He's so gay, Trump will give him the back of his hand. It'd be hilarious if all these people having stayed at Trump Hotels have been filmed during their bedroom antics and Trump had an affidavit on each one of them complete with footage. It couoldn't be pretty! Ha!

  2. I have never contributed cash to any candidate, but I would donate $1,000 to Trump if, during the debate, he says to Hillary, "To quote former President Bill Clinton, 'Blow me, bitch.'"


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