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Sunday, September 18, 2016

Decades of Deplorables: Hillary Clinton and Sid Blumenthal Birther and Muslim Smears About Obama (but don't count on the Media to report it)

Instapundit: Heat StreetFive Times Hillary Tried To "Other" Obama and AoSHQMcClatchy News: Hillary's Sid "The Shiv" Blumenthal pushed the Obama birther story so hard they sent reporters to Africa to investigate

Heat Street:
Hillary Clinton is under fire for the role her 2008 primary campaign may have played in stoking rumors that Barack Obama was born in Kenya.
The former Washington bureau chief for McClatchy, for example, has implicated known sketchball and Clinton sycophant Sidney Blumenthal, who served as a “senior adviser” for Hillary’s campaign in 2008, in trying to get reporters to investigate the so-called “birther” rumor.

PJ Media: David Brock and Sid Blumenthal pushed lies to the media about Obama being a Muslim and birther theories back in 2008

Daily Wire: Five Things You Need To Know About Sid Blumenthal: Reason (Sid Blumenthal is the human equivalent of Monica's semen stained dress): "Blumenthal's nastiness and willingness to fling shit like a howler monkey in heat earned him the sobriquet 'Sid Vicious'"

EBL: SID BLUMENTHAL: Hillary Clinton's Dirty Trickster and Originator of Obama Birther Rumors

The Atlantic: From Whitewater to Benghazi: A Clinton Scandal Outline

The Federalist: Hillary's weird friendship with Sid Blumenthal (he was right in the mix on Benghazi)

Meanwhile here is Martha Raddatz interviewing Mike Pence. Raddatz is really obsessed with this Obama birther issue. Martha Raddatz just can't quit birther issues. Do you think Raddatz will give Trump a fair shake as a moderator at the Second Debate? Not a chance. Who needs Candy Crowley if you can have Anderson Cooper and Martha Raddatz tag team Trump at a Town Hall.

Given that Trump had the Clintons at his wedding, I guess Trump can't complain too much that Martha Raddatz had Barack Obama at her wedding (although Martha's husband was buddies with Barack in law school).  Mike Pence, while excellent in pushing back on Raddatz's partianship, is a tad too polite in responding.  Martha Raddatz is completely and utterly all in for Hilalry Clinton. As Newsbusters showed, Raddatz let Tim Kaine off the hook on Hillary's email lies.  

I will call Raddatz out as a completely dishonest biased partisan, just like her partner at ABC News George Stephanopoulos is.  

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