Sunday, September 18, 2016

Welcome to Manhattan: Bombing in Chelsea and NYPD Cop Hacked by Palestinian-Jordanian with a long criminal background (and Minnesota too) ISIS Celebrates

We do not know (yet) if the Chelsea and Seaside Heights attacks are related, but the nature of the attacks are similar and you have to at least assume (initially) there may be a connection. Who did the each of these attacks is not yet known, but one can guess what the motivation might be. I suspect we will find out shortly.  

While 29 were hurt in the Chelsea blast, fortunately none are expected to die.  It could have been far worst.  

Powerline: Clueless in St. Cloud

That cop who was attacked by a Muslim maniac with a meat cleaver, it never should have happened:
Akram Joudeh, 32, is a Palestinian with a Jordanian passport who lived in his Nissan Altima and has at least three arrests involving knives, sources told The Post. 
His latest arrest, on July 27, came after he allegedly parked outside a Brooklyn synagogue with two knives behind the passenger seat. 
He allegedly got out of the car and started shouting “Allahu Akbar.” 
Brooklyn prosecutors declined to prosecute Joudeh, one source said, despite his record of possessing and menacing with knives — including a
January 2010 bust for allegedly waving a blade and threatening to kill a 24-year-old store employee in Queens. 
“The NYPD went back to the DA and said ‘You guys are out of your mind,’ ” the source told The Post. 
Joudeh eventually was charged, but the case was dismissed and sealed. A DA spokesperson declined to comment, citing the sealing order. 
“The Brooklyn DA completely dropped the ball,” given his history, the police source said.
Lem's Place: Life During Wartime and Explosion in New York (and New Jersey)

AoSHQ: Clinton News Network blasts Trump for calling it a bomb but DeBlasio confirms it was "intentional" and now CNN acknowledges a "second pressure cooker device" found

Instapundit: DeBlasio WTF--ya think?, Blast in Manhattan, Looks like and IED in Chelsea, Meat Cleaver Madman

RedState: Media double standard (and what is wrong with Hillary, she looks ill), Dem. Senator Chris Murphy is batshitcrazy and Call It Terror

Frail looking Hillary attacks Trump for calling it a bomb, after doing the same thing!

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  1. Our asshole communist mayor says there is no way to connect the same type of bombs as used in Boston with terrorism when it happens in NYC.

    I used to go to the McBurney YMCA on 23rd St down the block from that bombing. I went to the gym for about twenty years. That was before they had health clubs and I went there to play basketball. I passed that corner a thousand times.

    We need to wake up.


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