Friday, September 16, 2016

What Can We Expect With The Presidential Debates

Rush Limbaugh warns against drive by conventional wisdom on the upcoming Trump Clinton presidential debates.  Rush makes some sense, Mitt Romney's clear trouncing of Barack Obama in their first debate did not win the election for him, but that was mostly because Mitt Romney (wrongly) went off the offensive attack in the second and third debate (deciding he would play it safe).  It was a terrible strategy by Mitt Romney and certainly helped contribute to his defeat.

This race is closer now than Obama Romney's race was at this point. If Trump trounces Hillary in first debate she would be in serious trouble. It could be over for her then, because I am sure Trump would not go on the defensive after that like Mitt Romney did--He would finish her off. If Hillary manages to beat Trump up in the first debate, it would definitely not be good for Trump, but not necessarily over for him. I assume he would work to learn from that and hit her hard in debate two and three.

Mike Pence should do a decent job in a debate against Tim Kaine. Short of complete meltdown by either VP candidate, I do not see that event being a factor.

American Power: The New Yorker: The State of the Presidential Debate
NBC’s Lester Holt will moderate the first debate, Fox News’s Chris Wallace the third. The second debate, moderated by Anderson Cooper and Martha Raddatz, will be a town hall. During the first and third debates, Holt and Wallace will ask the candidates questions in six fifteen-minute topic blocks, which is the commission’s best approximation of Oxford rules.

TOM: Matt Yglesias explains: Hillary Clinton is freakishly unpopular (isn't Matt a notorious don't think Hillary is a...).

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Rush Limbaugh: Trumpmania is sneaking up on people (what has to have Hillary Clinton freaked is early voting has started in North Carolina and Hillary's poll numbers overall are plummeting).

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