Monday, September 26, 2016

Hillary Clinton: A preview of the debate tonight...

What is most disturbing about this is how the media in attendance know something is wrong (you can see it on their faces), but then pretend otherwise. Take some time and watch the whole video.

I doubt Hillary will have a seizure during the debate (although you never know). What concerns me is how much cover the media have given Hillary to date: On her health, On Clinton Foundation corruption, On her emails and the shameless pass she got from the Obama Administration, On her shameful treatment of Bill Clinton's sexual victims. Trump will never get that sort of support (certainly not from the GOP), but if Hillary wins, when will it stop? 

Regular Right Guy: Debate suggestions for Trump and she does look buggy (why)

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  1. Who is that ass wipe on Hillary's left holding the microphone? He's the pussy with the goatee and a face full of bad attitude?


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