Friday, September 23, 2016

Debate Rules for Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump

Hillary also needs a stool to stand on.

I am going to guess there will not be a dramatic health event between the candidates during the debates. But she did have that pneumonia issue, so who knows.  

The rules in the general election debates are pretty strict. The topics for the first debate are still broad. I hope the moderators play it strait. 

I am assuming Lester Holt and Chris Wallace will play the role of moderator fairer than Anderson Cooper and Martha Raddatz will (I guess we will find out). I say that because I have seen both Anderson Cooper and Martha Raddatz in this election cross that partisan line.  

A repeat of what Candy Crowley did during Mitt Romney and Barack Obama's debate should be avoided. It is not the role of the moderator to play fact checker (especially when Crowley later admitted Romney was correct).  The moderator should only to facilitate the conversation on the topic points and to call out time. Both candidates and the media are fully capable of addressing the validity of a candidate's respective points post debate.  

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