Friday, September 23, 2016

Why was Keith Lamont Scott killed and what is behind the protests in Charlotte?

I had not commented on this event initially because I was waiting for facts to come out (and what limited information that was available was already being addressed by many others).  While information is slowly coming out (such as the police reporting Scott had a gun), it still remains unclear what happened in this case, other than Officer Bentley Vinson allegedly shot and killed Scott. 

I do not fault the black community being upset about police shootings, but rioting is not the answer.  If you think this is bad, imagine if there were no police. This shooting needs to be investigated to figure out what actually happened.

Donald Trump:
"Our job is not to make life more comfortable for the violent disrupter, but to make life more comfortable for the African-American parent trying to raise their kids in peace."
The agitators from outside who swarmed on Charlotte to stir up trouble are a different issue. They are not protesters, they are violent thugs. Are these the same agitators who went into Ferguson (I suspect some of them are)? Is Soros funding this?

Still, there is a lot of anger at the grass root level. Baltimore protesters who were arrested for rioting turned out to be mostly local. There has to be an effort to improve communication and relations between police departments and the African American community.

As much as I disagree with Colin Kaepernick's method of protesting--the underlying issue in the African American community is a real dispute (even if the actual issue of cops shooting blacks is pretty small compared to violence out there). The question is how to address it. #BlackLivesMatter are opportunistic race-baiters, aligned with George Soros, who want to cause derision and turmoil. They are definitely not about solutions.

I would argue that this tension between police and African American communities is a symptom of a bigger issue. Isn't the real crisis facing African American communities lack of jobs and opportunity? Entry level workers lose out to immigrantsAmnesty and illegal immigration destroy jobs for African American youth. You have Democrat politicians trying to make people more dependent, while entry level jobs are going to immigrants, all for short term political gain.

The Virginian posted this great Ramirez Cartoon
Be careful what you wish for...

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This is a disturbing video but it does not tell us a lot:

  DRUDGE REPORT: Gun had Smith's fingerprints on it

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