Thursday, August 4, 2016

Israeli Tourist Yovel Levkowski Survived Somali-Nowegian London Russell Square Knife Attack

 h/t American Power Blog
Fortunately Yovel is okay, unlike Darleen Horton who was murdered

Rule 5 and FMJRA

American Power Blog: Israel charges World Vision Gaza channeling money to Hamas, Russell Square stabber identified as "bullied" troubled youth (never mind the Somalia connection), Mentally Ill Norwegian-Somalian' Somehow Creates 'Knife Bloodbath' in London's Russell Square, and Yovel Levkowski, Beautiful Young Israeli, Stabbed by 'Norwegian-Somalian' in London Russell Square Attack

EBL: Why the media silence regarding the Religion of Peace™, ISIS Beheads Elderly Priest in Normandy (yelling Allah Akbar), The New Normal in Germany,Syrian Migrant Terrorist Blows Himself Up in Ansbach, Germany, Machete Control Needed in Germany, Ax Control Needed in Germany, Munich Madness,Brigitte Bardot is Right, Bastille Day Terror Attack in Nice, France

Pam Geller: Victims of Russell Square Knife Attack

Theo Spark: Young Israeli slashed in London

Wombat: Powerline: A month of Islamic terror

TOM: Anti Israeli Feminist denounces beauty pageant as white supremacy

Twitchy: Nice but mentally ill London attacker studying jihad?

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