Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Why The Media Silence: Pro Islamist youth, shouting "Allah Akbar," firebomb a bus in Saint Denis, France...and other news from the Religion of Peace™

One of those stories the lamestream pro Hillary establishment media would just prefer ignore...

If a tree falls in the woods and no one is there to hear it, does it make noise?  If a metro bus is burned in Saint Denis by youth chanting "Allah Akbar," does anyone care?  

EBL: ISIS Beheads Elderly Priest in Normandy (yelling Allah Akbar), The New Normal in Germany, Syrian Migrant Terrorist Blows Himself Up in Ansbach, Germany, Machete Control Needed in Germany, Ax Control Needed in Germany, Munich Madness,Brigitte Bardot is Right, Bastille Day Terror Attack in Nice, France

To be somewhat fair to the media, this story is getting some play: DC Muslim Cop caught funneling money to ISIS (via Heavy), fought along side al Qaeda in Libya in 2011 (via Pam Geller)

Daily Mail: District of Columbia Transit Cop Nicholas Young arrested for aiding and abetting ISIS

Instapundit: PJ Media: One dead, Several Injured in London stabbing attack, ISIS and its global network of killers, ISIS supporter and DC Transit Cop, and Media (unexpectedly) ignore firebombing and youth chanting Allah Akbar

American Power Blog: Great journalism (no snark) from NYT on ISIS and its global killer network

Just remember though, Islam is not about terrorism and don't you dare say otherwise.

TOM: Women of Color and Feminists focused on the wrong men (there is a patriarchal enemy on the way, and you may not like how it turns out if they win)

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