Friday, July 22, 2016

München Madness Update: Lone Gunman? Son of Iranian immigrants...

Who is responsible for this shooting in Munich? Is it Islamists or not?  As AoSHQ notes, there are mixed reportsOne of the shooters committed suicide. It appears to be a coordinated terror attack with three shooters. It is not far from where that Muslim Afghan "migrant" assaulted train passengers with an ax.

Daily Caller: Video of Munich Attack

EBL: Ax Control Needed In Germany

Instapundit: BBC scrubs 'Ali' from Munich killer's name, Roger Simon: Munich all over again, Lack of faith in Merkel spreads, 18 year old Iranian (motive unclear), Looking for shootersShooting spree near mall in Munich

NRO, Legal Insurrection and Daily Caller: So much for that 'lone wolf' theory on Nice attack

Daily Mail: Obama grins and tells jokes during press conference about Munich attack and Police continue manhunt

WFB: Brian Williams rooting that ISIS is not involved (how about letting the facts dictate what the story is Brian).


Mirror: Lone Gunman?

TOM: Munich Terror Attack Son of Iranian Immigrants? Damn Aryans!  

American Power Blog: Yelling Allah Akbar while killing children...


  1. Sorry, but I think a few of the old SA troopers would inspire more confidence than those young ladies.

    And, if Germany becomes the new France, I think you'll see a return of the SA.

    Especially in Munchen.

    1. If Germany becomes the new France, I think you'll see 'Dolf aufwiedertauchen.

      PS: Nice Sturmgewehr in the photo.


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