Sunday, July 24, 2016

Machete Control Needed In Germany: Syrian Migrant Murders Pregnant Woman In Germany

A Hero Driver Runs Him Over With His BMW, Killer Arrested

A bearded Syrian refugee kills a pregnant woman who worked at his family's kebab stand. Police are saying this might be a crime of passion, not terrorism. That may be true. It is reported this individual has had other incidents in the past. It is also true that a lot of young Islamist men tend to have certain passions over issues involving women, sex, and the liberal use of violence to attempt to resolve such issues.  

Three events in a week.  Motivations for these attacks vary from likely terrorism to mental illness. While there will be calls to control guns, axes, and machetes in Germany, perhaps German citizens could benefit from some immigration control?  

This also works for the Reutlingen machete attack:

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  1. It's cool; see it is not terrorism. Just an honor killing. No reason to get all Islamophobic.

    1. It's cool, those two other people he slashed just didn't understand the cultural implications of what he was trying to accomplish.

  2. How does Merkel weather this?


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