Thursday, August 4, 2016

Crooked Hillary and Clinton News Network's Carol Costello: How to coordinate a media attack

CNN's Carol Costello tries to flip the narrative on Benghazi Gold Star Dad Charles Woods

Wow.  This is just an amazing example of how in the bag Carol Costello is for Hillary Clinton. Charles Woods responds on how he is supporting Donald Trump because he cannot support Hillary Clinton (because she failed to protect Woods' son in Benghazi, lied about it, and then lied about what she said to these Gold Star families).  

Interesting how she asks Mr. Woods who he is endorsing...

I find it amazing how Carol Costello keeps digging for Hillary Clinton and stirring the pot on the Kahn issue. Kahn's son died 12 years ago in a war that Hillary Clinton supported (and Donald Trump opposed).  Charles Woods's son died while Hillary Clinton was secretary of state and during a conflict in Libya that she supported Americans get involved with. 

My sympathies go out to Mr. Woods for his loss of his son and his responding with tact and grace to Carol Costello. Mr. Woods is a gentleman and well spoken.  

The past partisan bias of CNN  and Ms. Costello we know, but this example is just so over the top and blatant. Talk about Costello trying to steer a story to an intended outcome. And as Rush Limbaugh notes below, it is interesting how there seems to be a full on coordinated press on Donald Trump right now.  

Not just CNN, the Clintons have their plants at all the networks...

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