Wednesday, August 3, 2016

The Media and Mrs. Clinton

The Real Story: How the Clintons managed to plant their openly political operative George Stephanopoulos, who isn't even a journalist, to a senior position at ABC News

This is what so frustrating: Everyone knows George Stephanopoulos is in the bag for the Clintons. It's not a secret. He got caught doing things that would have in the old days gotten you fired from a network. He should not be covering this race at all. Yet people still go on his show and pretend he is some objective journalist. Why? 

Trump's mistake was not taking the threat seriously before agreeing to be interviewed by Stephanopoulos last week. Trump should have either avoided Stephanopoulos all together (that only goes so far because most of the media are biased toward the Democrats), or gone into that interview with a strategy to turn questions on the questioner (and Crooked Hillary). Trump has called Stephanopoulos out for his Clinton bias in the past (unfortunately the video is off youtube now). Why didn't he do it this time?

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