Monday, August 1, 2016

Benghazi Gold Star Mom Patricia Smith: "I was treated like dirt by Hillary Clinton."

Turns out Crooked Hillary and her media crony Chris Matthews have also treated a Gold Star mother poorly. Let's call them out on that. Media hypocrisy is on full display.  

As political media battles go, Trump got by far the worst of it (at least so far). While hardly vicious in his response (compared to how the hostile media painted it), it was poorly handled.  He should have anticipated the coordinated media attack that was coming after Kahn's appearance at the DNC, especially when Trump was scheduled to go on with Clinton's GoTo Guy George Stephanopoulos. Did the Trump campaign not have a sit down with the candidate to go over how Stephanopoulos would likely try to set him up? If not, shame on him. You can bet Stephanopoulos and his team planned it out.

Hopefully it is a lesson learned. Trump's foolishness in being bested by Snakey Stephanopoulos, however, does not excuse the utter cravenness of Crooked Hillary and how she personally attacked Pat Smith and called her a liar. If they are going to call out Trump, then shouldn't we call out Hillary Clinton and Chris Matthews and the others who attacked Pat Smith?

We should all recognize that Gold Star parents deserve to be treated differently (and far more deferentially) than other political pundits. That does not mean we have to accept the Kizhr Kahn's policy and political recommendations. Mr. Kahn has an interest in this topic since he is a lawyer who promotes Muslim immigration from Pakistan. We can absolutely resist that.     

We can all recognize the sacrifice of Captain Kahn, while also stating we do not want any more murderous terrorists attacks like 9/11, Boston Marathon, San Bernardino, or Orlando. And if safety means changing immigration policies, what is so wrong with that?  The U.S. Constitution does not confer rights to non-citizens outside the United States. There is no fundamental right to immigrate here--it is a privilege.  

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  1. Fighting back will always be "poorly handled" because you can't do it nicely, but this is the story that needs to come out. This and Khan's background.

    Pat Smith was just one more woman the Women's Candidate slimed.

    1. Kizhr was the bait. Don't walk into the trap, go around it. Hillary and that douchebag Stephanopoulos are the targets Trump should be going after.

      And yes, go Alinsky and use their own rules against them. Gold Mom Patricia Smith got trashed by the woman candidate.

  2. I'll try. Note that both Politifact and WaPo had to, because it do freakin obvious, admit Hillary is lying. This should be the only story right now. Except Trump has given them another story. Trump doesn't need to say anything about Khan. If he wants to say something; talk about the media treatment of Pat Smith. Make her the story, not Khan.

    1. Totally, absolutely agree. Hillary is a lying deceitful witch. Trump's attacks can be rough and tumble but always focused on her and her lying deceitful ways. Trump punched down for no good reason and gave the media an opportunity they didn't have before. Of course they will be hostile and lie about him, he need not give them ammunition to do so.


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