Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Breitbart's Steve Bannon brought in to save Trump Campaign (with possible bonus Roger Ailes for debate prep)

It was obvious Team Trump had a problem immediately following the conventions. The Kahn exchange hurt Trump (and the media ignored Clinton's poor treatment of the Benghazi families). Still, there were a series of media blunders/hit jobs (actually a combination of both), one after another, that did not help Trump. 

All Hillary Clinton does is run ads suggesting Trump lacks the temperament to be President of the United States. Of course, the same could be said about Hillary Clinton, but Trump was busy responding to brush fires set by his own rhetoric (and a dishonest biased media).

Some suggest that nothing matters till Labor Day. But Kerry was destroyed in July August by the Swift Boaters and Romney was destroyed in August by Obama's media onslaught of lies (Romney lived too clean cut a life to have any actual scandals).  August does matter.  This August (at least so far) has not been a good month for Trump.  I concurred with John Nolte's advice for Team Trump. Things were looking really bad. But August is not over yet...

In the last few weeks, Trump has given three very solid speeches: Last Night's Law and Order Speech in West Bend, Wisconsin (with Trump doing a solid effort on black outreach), Foreign Policy Speech in Youngstown, Ohio and an Economics Speech in Detroit, Michigan.

We all know that the mainstream media is generally hostile to Trump. It is not just Trump they are crushing, any criticism of Hillary is being squashed.

While I know few other than political junkies like myself will sit through speeches like this, Trump needs to give voters a reason to vote for him (other than Crooked Hillary is an evil witch). Basically I wanted to hear the candidate tell us why Trump Administration is a better option for the country than a Clinton Administration.  David Horowitz liked the Wisconsin one (a lot). I liked them all.

So who was behind those speeches?  Was that Bannon? Manafort? I assume we will find that out eventually.

Paul Manafort apparently did not get Trump?

I did not think that taco bowl tweet so offensive (I still can't figure out why the Marla Maples stuff on Trump's desk).  Actually it is sort of funny.  But the key to making it work is Trump capitalizing on it with Latino voters with a dialog of why Trump would be better for citizen working class Latinos (something I have not seen a lot of). That is why I welcome Trump reaching out to minorities with substantive issues like I heard yesterday.  

The LA Times poll does suggest Trump's support with Latinos is slightly better than Romney's and may be 14% with blacks.  Is that true?  Those would be amazing numbers for Trump, if correct.  Other data I have seen show Trump's support with both Latinos and blacks to be abysmal.  Although polls showing zero percentage support for Trump seems suspect too.  I think Trump, with an economic substantive jobs message, can do better than many think with working class voters of all races.  

And Trump may also bringing in Roger Ailes to help him on debate preparation. That is really interesting (given Ailes past experience), if true, although there are reports denying it (including statements from Trump). 

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  1. Save?

    Shirley, you jest. Ailes, Bannon, and Conway were brought in for the campaign, the real campaign, post Labor Day.

    Get away from the rigged media polls and this thing is dead even (sorry) and Cacklepants' frailties are getting worse by the day.

    Lewandowski ran things during the primaries, Manafort the convention and any nomination problems - which there weren't, and Ailes and the Breitbart crew are coming in for the debates and the homestretch.

    Any other scenario is pure science fiction.

    1. I recognize this race is being manipulated by the media, but I also recognize those poll numbers are actually real and bad news for Trump (and I am talking in the battle grounds which what really matters). You faith is just that--faith. And I disagree with you because that sort of manic thinking about rigged polls sets you up for failing, just as being depressed and disheartened can.

      I know Ailes is a real talent as a debate coach (even if Trump says he is never coached). Let's call Ailes a debate buddy and leave it at that. If Bannon can help Trump defeat Crooked Hillary, I suppose we will see soon enough.

      Of course these numbers be turned around and Trump can win. I hope that happens. And I concur with you something is physically wrong with Crooked Hillary.

    2. ed, you are like this guy! I remember how it went for Mitt and I would prefer not relive that this year. Isn't it much safer to assume you really are behind (if only because the media is so slanted against Trump and influencing low information voters) and work to fix that?


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