Wednesday, November 27, 2019

The Irishman: A Review

I stayed up late to watch it (it started streaming at midnight on Netflix). It is a very good movie. It may not appeal to all--but it does layer nostalgia memory and good acting to put together a compelling drama. It takes some effort and paying attention to appreciate this movie. It is probably the most plausible story on what happened to Jimmy Hoffa. 

I was not a fan of "de-aging" Robert DeNiro digitally. It would have been better in my opinion to have a young actor who looked like DeNiro play him (just like DeNiro played the young Vito Corelone in Godfather II). I very much enjoyed seeing Joe Pesci and Al Pacino together. De Niro is good--but those two steal the movie.

Update: Troop hated it. I liked it, but I concur about the Gallo shooting. Sheeran bullshitting about that one and his involvement with mob history makes the rest of the story less plausible. 

We have gotten some great movies this fall. Not all of them are masterpieces (although some are), but they have been really good and worth watching. Once Upon A Time..In HollywoodHarrietMidway, Ford v FerrariA Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood, Parasite, and soon Richard Jewell

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Kathrine Narducci also plays Olympia Gigante in Godfather of Harlem on Epix

Richard Jewell is coming soon!

EBL: Beautiful DayFord v FerrariMidwayHarriet It's been a great season for movies this year.

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