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Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Atlanta Journal-Constitution reporter Kathy Scruggs and the 'Richard Jewell' Film

The Atlanta Journal Constitution editor has problems with Clint Eastwood's Richard Jewell film, allegedly because it depicts reporter AJC Reporter Kathy Scruggs trading sex with an FBI agent to get the "tip" that Richard Jewell was a suspect for the Atlanta Olympics bombing (it was later conclusively shown that Eric Rudolph was the bomber).  

Richard Jewell is dead. Kathy Scruggs is dead. Did Kathy Scruggs trade sex for a story? Would a reporter, a member of the 4th Estate, do such a thing? Would the FBI leak confidential information. I can't answer that specifically in this particular case--but we all know this sort of thing does happen.  The AJC also reported (falsely) that Richard Jewell approached them first. The AJC and its reporters are definitely not blameless in what happened to Richard Jewell.  

Richard Jewell died young at 44. Kathy Scruggs also died young at 43. This story and the resulting controversy probably did not help their health issues. The media circus that developed after the story broke was devestating to Jewell. 

The underlying theme of the Eastwood movie is you can't trust the FBI or the media. I am very much looking forward to seeing Richard Jewell. It is scheduled to be released December 13, 2019.  

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Deadline: ‘Richard Jewell’ Scribe Billy Ray Accuses Atlanta Journal-Constitution Editor Of Using Disputed Scene To Cloak Its Role In Ruining Hero’s Life:
“Some will try to paint this movie as being anti-FBI or anti-media,” Ray told Deadline. “It’s neither. It’s about speaking truth to power. You have to stop thinking about the FBI and the media as institutions. The FBI and the media are groups of people who are stewards of institutions. And those people can have good or bad judgement, good or bad intentions. In this particular case, the FBI and the AJC, in their pursuit of truth, rushed to judgment and destroyed an innocent man who had saved lives. Richard then had to develop a whole new kind of courage so he could defend himself from them,” said Ray.

AJC Reporter Kathy Scruggs

Olivia Wilde plays Kathy Scruggs in Richard Jewell

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