Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Rush Limbaugh has a "very, very, careful opinion" about LTC Vindman

Just don't refer to him as Mr. Vindman!

Rush Limbaugh has a self described "very, very, careful" analysis of Lt. Col. Vindman's testimony today:
The other person — and Vindman started stumbling around, and then Schiff stepped in. (summarized exchange) “You can’t… You can’t say that! You can’t answer that. I’m stepping in here. This is a trick. This is a trick. You’re trying to get him to identify the whistleblower,” and Nunes said, “Mr. Chairman, you don’t know who the whistleblower is — you said — and Lieutenant Colonel Vindman said he doesn’t know who the whistleblower is. How can anybody possibly identify the whistleblower here if you don’t know who it is? 
“He could give the name of anybody he wants, give any name he wants and nobody would know it’s the whistleblower or not ’cause you don’t know who it is and Vindman doesn’t know who it is.” And then Vindman’s lawyer, said, “He’s not gonna answer. He’s not gonna gonna fuel the ruling of the chairperson. He’s not gonna answer. He’s not gonna answer that.” And then Nunes said, “Well, if he wants to take the Fifth Amendment…” 
And the lawyer (sputtering) “There’s no Fifth Amendment issue here! He’s just following the ruling of the chair. We’re not gonna sit there and identify the whistleblower.” So Vindman has acknowledged that he told you somebody, quote, “from the intelligence community.” Well, that’s the whistleblower. Eric Ciaramella, is CIA. So in my humble opinion — and it’s just my opinion and it’s only my assumption — and, of course, I could be called as a witness based on this because that’s what these witnesses have. It is my opinion based on learned knowledge following these hearings that Vindman is the original leaker and that Vindman told Ciaramella (who is the whistleblower) who then went over and set all of this up with Adam Schiff.
Read the whole thing. Great take by Rush Limbaugh. 

What an obnoxious prig this Vindman is. He is working for the Commander and Chief (that would be Donald Trump) but is concerned with looking out for the Ukrainians? Where is his loyalty? He even got a job offer from the Ukrainian government.  

Vindman also liked to bad mouth "Americans" to Russians. We are supposed to respect this guy when he does things like that?

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