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Saturday, December 14, 2019

Olivia Wilde Cops Out About Her 'Richard Jewel' Role

Just like the real life Kathy Scruggs would have said. 

Deadline: ‘Richard Jewell’ Scribe Billy Ray Accuses Atlanta Journal-Constitution Editor Of Using Disputed Scene To Cloak Its Role In Ruining Hero’s Life:
“Some will try to paint this movie as being anti-FBI or anti-media,” Ray told Deadline. “It’s neither. It’s about speaking truth to power. You have to stop thinking about the FBI and the media as institutions. The FBI and the media are groups of people who are stewards of institutions. And those people can have good or bad judgement, good or bad intentions. In this particular case, the FBI and the AJC, in their pursuit of truth, rushed to judgment and destroyed an innocent man who had saved lives. Richard then had to develop a whole new kind of courage so he could defend himself from them,” said Ray.
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Showbiz 101: Richard Jewell being killed by controversy

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So why did you sell out Olivia? Because she is worried Hollywood might blame her. 

I thought both Olivia Wilde and Jon Hamm were terrific villains in Richard Jewell. Very good acting--well done. But please spare us PC bullshit like this. You took the money--it is not like you are some struggling actress--you didn't need to take the roll if you disagreed with the writing.

Olivia Wilde defends 'Jewell' Reporter? So why did you take the gig?

Clint Eastwood mansplaining to Olivia Wilde. 

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