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Saturday, November 9, 2019

Midway: A Review 🇺🇸

Midway (2019)

This is a very good movie. The ensemble of actors all do a great job--but ultimately credit must go to Roland Emmerich (who produced and directed the film) and Wes Tooke (who wrote the screen play). 

Yes--like Michael Bay's Pearl Harbor--it squeezes in a lot with not enough time to really address events such as Pearl Harbor and Doolittle's Tokyo Raid (or the retaliation against the Chinese civilians who assisted Doolittle after that raid). It does attempt to explain code breaking (like the Imitation Game). 

Still reviewing the historical events leading to Midway is critical to explain the significance of that battle to audiences today (who are unfamiliar with how bad things were after Pearl Harbor). While character development is difficult in a film like this and essentially does not happen (think Longest Day), I found this film overall compelling and definitely better than Pearl Harbor or the earlier Midway (1976). A mini series adaptation (like Band of Brothers or The Pacific) might have addressed the character development issues--but at the expense of the big screen movie battle scenes. 

This is an action movie. And Emmerich delivers action. 

The aerial battle and naval scenes are skillfully portrayed and both thrilling and frightening to watch. Some of the battles are made more visually dramatic (clustering ships and aircrafts to get them in the frame) than they were in real life. While military historians might be bothered by that--I understand visually why that is done. 

I had a few criticisms--which are pretty minor. The Marshall Islands depicted in the film were obviously Hawaii (which bothered me since the islands attacked: KwajaleinWotje, and Taroa are atolls--not volcanic mountains). There were also scenes after Pearl Harbor on Hawaii which I doubt were accurate (due to strict black out and security restrictions after that attack). Other than those quibbles--the film attempted to stay reasonably accurate.

Raised on Hoe Cakes criticized the politically correct comment at the end. Fair enough--but you can be respectful of enemy soldiers (as individuals)--while hating the evil forces that motivated them (it is not like Longest Day wasn't sympathetic to Germans). ROHC hated it. John Nolte loved it. What can I say? YMMV.

This is a Quora perspective closer to mine and Nolte's:

William Toti
William Toti, Captain, US Navy (retired)

While not perfect--it is unabashedly patriotic--not in a jingoistic way, but in portraying these men as heroes who knew what dangers they were facing and faced them anyway to protect their country (and I am sure that is why some critics did not like it). This is an excellent movie to go see this Veterans Day weekend. I recommend you go see it. As you can guess: it is a film to be seen on the big screen. 

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