Monday, April 23, 2018

Is Cary Katz going to collapse CRTV?

The way Mark Steyn was treated when he got the boot from CRTV was pretty shabby. Looks like Katz is about to do the same thing to Mark Levin and the others still at CRTV. I do not want to be too harsh on Mark Levin, I respect his political positions and he looks like he is in a bad position right now. The villain in this debacle is almost certainly Katz.

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There is a lesson to be learned here. Maybe we should start recognizing how marginalized things are for conservatives in the media. There are plenty of wealthy donors who could fund operations like this and make money doing so. Step up. The tragedy of all of this is CRTV has some excellent talent and a product that should be successful (but for a certain CEO who unfortunately controls the purse strings).

Mark's comments about "Conservatism, Inc." are sadly spot on. The Weekly Standard and National Review seem to exist to attack the current President. Yes there are things to criticize Trump for (believe me I get it), but can't these TruConsacknowledge he has been far better than the alternative of Hillary Clinton winning? If we were even little bit unified, the left and Democrats could not pull the shenanigans they have and we would get a lot more positive things accomplished.

We have Jonah going off on Jethro Tull lyrics (which is so Tipper Gore), while Google is blocking ads from the Lutherans! The clear and present danger to our society is not Jethro Tull lyrics.  Meanwhile, TruCons™ antipathy to Trump is so bad now, they might as well be considered an autoimmune disease in the conservative moment. Why don't they just run away and join the Circus? But hey, as David French praises Rosenstein and Sessions for sticking it to Trumpwe should just be one big uniparty with the media and Democrats

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  1. Jonah Goldberg is the worst of the worst. Phony POS like him and Bill Kristol and the rest of the Weekly Standard and the National Review are only interested in their rice bowl. The God Emperor has exposed them. They can't support someone who is doing what they always claimed they wanted to do because is not a bow tie wearing faggot like them.

  2. Mark Levin is at least smart enough to understand where his audience is and refuses to trash them. But I think his shelf life has expired. He can hang like Bob Grant or something.

    I mean Chuck McCann had work until he croaked after all.


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