Monday, April 23, 2018

Toronto Terror: Ten Dead


CBS: Driver of van in custody, 25 year old man named Alek Minassian  That does sound like an Armenian name.  Not sure the motivation on this one (yet).

Update: Globe and Mail reports Minassian not motivated by terror. French 24 and Reuters say terrorism was the motivation.  If it is an intentional attack, it's essentially terrorism, regardless of underlying motive. Heavy reports that Minassian may be mentally ill. Well, yeah, you could say that about most mass killings, but he managed to plan this out and implement it.

TOM: No, 'Incel' is not an ideologyThe Unf-kable Canadian Threat, and Reports: 'Middle Eastern Man' responsible for deliberate act He wasn't a terrorist...ok, so what was he?

Mark Steyn On Line: Getting Used To It

AoSHQ: Van Terror in Toronto

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