Friday, April 20, 2018

Free Speech vs. Alinsky : Fighting Back in the War of Ideas

As some of you probably know, in the immediate wake of the passing of Barbara Bush, some third rate "professor" at a California public college sent out some vile emails about the Bushes. She also then went the added trolling step of giving out the number of an Arizona crisis line as her own (ha ha, too bad if real people in crisis can't call in). David French, in his usual chidey NRO style, said real conservatives™ don't fight free speech (ok I added the real and the trademark symbol).
Ace of Spades put this in the sidebar headlines in response:
Shocking: The Failing Restaurant Aboard the Cuck Cruise Line Refuses to Update Its Ancient RecipesAs the left keeps taking our right to free speech away, David French will continue reprinting the same column about never doing the same to them. I'd like one of these #FakeNewsIntellectuals to answer the question, one time: If this same trope has not produced positive results as regards our right to free expression the last five years, the last ten million time these pieties have been ritually uttered, what are the odds that this time it will do the trick? 
Or is worrying about our ownrights and privileges and Americans something that "True Conservatives" aren't supposed to do? Are we only supposed to worry about the rights of David French's leftwing palz? 
The only passion the #FakeNews conservatives show on free speech issues is when a leftist's free speech rights are threatened -- or one of their cocktail circuit pals', like Kevin Williamson and Bari Weiss. 
Has David French roused himself to write a single word about Lauren Southern being banned from England for passing out an "Allah is gay" pamphlet? Is she not in The Club? Does England's actions not sufficiently threaten David French's career aspirations to write for a leftist journal?
So I concur with David French, Ben Shapiro, John Nolte, Instapundit, Megan McArdle, and Popehat about the importance of free speech and defending it. Yes, people should generally have the right to be an asshole--although I disagree you shouldn't protected from firing for sufficiently unhinged and dangerous behavior. I would love to see Jarrar get the boot, not over her vile free speech, but over her going that added extra step of posting the Arizona crisis number as she did.  And I know this, had a conservative professor (I am sure there are a handful still remaining somewhere out there in academia) pulled a stunt even remotely like Jarrar's they would have been fired already (and banned from sites like Twitter).

In full disclosure Twitter shut me down for 12 hours last night over a tweet I did months ago saying William Kristol and Evan McMullin should be "dead to us."  I did not mean actually dead and the context of the tweet was the use of the term was obvious, but apparently my tweet was too much for sensitive souls at Twitter because I was chilling Kristol and Deadbeat McMullin's fragile gentle voices. But Jarrar remains on Twitter, presumably with no shut down even though she did that stunt with the Arizona crisis line. That's how "free speech" works now a days.

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