Friday, April 20, 2018

CRTV vs. Mark Steyn: The Verdict

Congratulations Mark. Victory. Next up, Mann

Mark can't help himself with this observation: 
On the other hand, if you prefer just the juicy bits, you might like the email exchange on page 8 between CRTV chief exec Cary Katz, his CFO Michael Boyd, and his Chief Content Officer Chris Crane. Crane writes: 
Let's announce everything and put this motherf**ker on the hook for everything. If anything goes wrong, it lands on HIM, not CRTV. Time to get tough with Pussy Steyn and Momma Bitch Nutcase Melissa... 
Aside from CRTV (hereinafter referred to as the plaintiffs) and Pussy Steyn and Momma Bitch Nutcase Melissa (hereinafter referred to as the motherf**kers), there are other names that recur throughout Judge Gordon's ruling, mostly of various CRTV figures. So a scorecard to help tell the players... [Read The Whole Thing]

EBL: Why was the Mark Steyn Show cancelled from CRTV? and Mark Steyn Needs Our Help post CRTV

Mark Steyn: Vertigo at the Top of the Stick (justice delayed is justice denied), I Am Undocumented Spartacus,  Silent Cal and Tweeting Don, and When G-Men go bad

Wombat: Mark Steyn: CRTV v. Steyn (Judge’s Order), The Verdict

Meanwhile, in other litigation/judicial system related news:

PJ Media: PP has mother auditing class arrested...

TOM: $PLC deletes anti-Muslim List

EBL: I'm a Twitter outlaw...

This is referred to as a "verdict" but that typically comes from a jury. Since this is the result of an arbitration, that would make it a decision and award that then gets converted into a judgment.

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