Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Democrat Tony Podesta's Creepy Taste In "Art"

That gilded headless piece may have been inspired by a Jeffrey Dahmer victim...

I must be too bourgeois to appreciate the nuance of Tony Podesta's art collection.  

John Rappoport's Blog: Podesta and Art (Podesta got his start with art by working for Ted Kennedy)

PizzaGate was portrayed to be just an Alt Right fever dream (and in no way am I condoning violence against these individuals), but Tony Podesta's art collection speaks for itself.  And the owner of Comet Ping Pong, James Alefantis, dated David Brock, which is mega-creepy in itself. Tony Podesta and Alefantis like to celebrate birthdays together (they are born on the same day), which often includes viewing Tony's art collection and guests eating Alefantis' pizza. With revelations about Kevin Spacey and other prominent members of the arts and media, and the Mueller focus on Podesta's Russian activities, there is enough to at least be suspicious...

The Week: Democrat Lobbiest Tony Podesta is a potential target in Mueller's probe

Rush Limbaugh: Stacey to pedo rehab?

Lem's Place: Creepy Democrats

EBL: Fusion GPS used to dig dirt on Putin Opponents (and Hillary used Fusion GPS to dig dirt on Trump), Did Team Mueller tip off the Podestas to file disclosures they just busted Manafort for?, Squeezing Manafort, George Papadopolos pleads guilty (he is certainly guilty of taking a bad photo), Mueller's Manafort Monday, Trey Gowdy cautions Robert Mueller that leaking Grand Jury information is a crime, No One Expects The Mueller Inquisition, What's the deal with Fusion GPS, Matthew Continetti, and Bill Kristol?, Did Clinton Campaign Lawyer Marc Elias Commit Criminal and Ethical Violations?, Why Hillary Lost, Hillary Clinton's Campaign Song: Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap, Smug Self-rightousness: Republicans should be livid about this, Mueller looking at the Podesta Group, and What is Fusion GPS?


  1. Groo sum.

    And he even looks like a creep.

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