Thursday, July 20, 2017

Demographic Winter Is Coming...

Game of Thrones as a mirror to our situation?  

Some are saying GoT is really hinting at Climate Change (and its denial) as the threat. That may be, although is the world getting an extended summer really such a terrible fate? Of course we have Al Gore, who got his wreath initially from fossil fuel stocks and is traveling the world in private jets, claiming we are all facing doom if we don't change our ways. Other celebrities are willing to part briefly from their lifestyles, to occasionally chide us about our carbon generation. We are all too selfish to pay attention to them...

Or is the real threat the massive influx into Europe of persons hostile to Western Civilization?

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Rush Limbaugh: Sustainability Professor: Stop climate change by stop having babies and Brave Explorer

Mark Steyn: The biggest issue of our timesIt's still the demography, stupid! and Mann, Hockey and Climate Change

Instapundit: You go first BillALL IS PROGRESSING AS MARK STEYN HAS FORESEENAs Europe’s migrant crisis enters a new phase, it’s clear that European leaders have neither the will nor desire to preserve their own civilization; Bill Nye the Let The Old Die Off Guy, and Solving Global Warming Through Family Planning

Wombat: Louder With Crowder: Bill Nye Wants Your Grandparents To Die For Climate Science, American Thinker: Charlie Gard – It Can’t Happen Here, Or Can It?, Weasel Zippers: Bill Nye Says Older People Need To Die Before Climate Science Can Advance, Mark Steyn: Schmoozing With Hakims And Argentines, also, Working The Room (Collusion Edition)

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