Thursday, July 20, 2017

John McCain and Brain Cancer

I am sympathetic to John McCain the man, warrior and patriot, while at the same time profoundly in disagreement with him over much of his politics and positions as a U.S. Senator. I supported him and was frustrated by him when he ran for President. At the same time, I recognize that politics is often the art of compromise. McCain is a complex person.

His judgment about people like Ted Kennedy (who was a horrible nasty person) was misplaced. I recognize in the Senate you have to work with the opposition (and not all of them are bad, simply because they are the opposition) but Ted Kennedy was a liar and corrupted soul.

I wish and pray for John McCain to have a speedy recovery. My prayers to his family also, since this will be very difficult for them. I hope he gets to spend quality time with his family.

I also hope he retires from the Senate, because that would be better for the country. I do not support Republicans who think attacking conservatism shows how "fair" they are. If conservatism is right (and I am speaking in broad sense of free markets, limited government/fiscal conservatism, and liberty), then it is right. Support that.

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