Sunday, July 16, 2017

Game of Thrones Season Seven : Arya Stark and the Frey Clan

My prediction for Season Seven, Episode 1: Arya Stark is not yet finished with revenge on the Frey Clan...

That is not that particularly bold a prediction.  The actor who plays Walder Frey, David Bradley, is widely reported to be signed up for Season Seven (even though he looked dead at the end of last season) and Arya Stark has learned how to change faces. Maybe this is just a trick by the show runners to throw us off, but it seems the Red Wedding deserves a bit more Stark payback. The North never forgets. 

Then again, Arya does have that list. And she seems committed to working her way through it

Update: The North Remembers!

Baking Mischief: Walder Frey Pie Recipe (substitute pork for the Black Walder)

But I am just looking forward to some more Lady Mormont in Season Seven: 

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Heavy: Meet the New GoT Characters for Season Seven, Samwell Tarly, and Brandon Stark and Bran the Builder

AoSHQ:  I read this when it came out and I concur with Ace.

I do not mind if someone dislikes or rejects GoT (that is their right and I respect that) but spare me chidey lectures on what is 'good for me.' Had the writer written this on what was good for him, I would not criticize his views. Ace is also right, these so called arbiters of conservative thought are why people stopped paying attention to them.

Having watched GoT over the years and read the books, I do not think it is obscene. In its own way, it shows how some characters can change over time, as often for the better than the worse.  Like a lot of people, the characters are capable of good and evil.

But this is how Sandor Clegene would likely respond:

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