Friday, June 2, 2017

Leo DiCaprio weeps for the future of the planet...

Leo is mad at Trump for pulling out of the Paris Climate Accord.  Because Leo cares about the environment and global warming...a lot.

If forced, Leo will use his ninja powers to save the planet and he has a man bun!

Twitchy: Leo DiCaprio wants a 'moral decision' from Trump on climate change

EBL: Will We Always Have Paris, This Was A Good Day! and If only They Gave Out Academy Awards for Hypocrisy

Leo does need consoling is tough caring so much!

Climate change is clearly all he is focused on....

How many gallons/liters are burned per hour?

To keep a climate activist happy it's worth it!

Hey make sure she has sun screen, with the ozone depletion she could face a serious burn!

Babes on the boat!

You are our moral superior, Leo...Gaia bless you!

Rule 5 and FMJRA

Milo: Paris Meltdown!

AoSHQ: Trump Power!

WSJ: The high cost of keeping a super yacht

Forbes: How much does a super yacht really cost?

Pirate's Cove: Trump pulls out and If all you see is...

Victory Girls: Trump dumps Paris and the Left is Triggered

TOM: Maybe Florida should be swallowed by the rising oceans

Twitchy: MSNBC’s Chris Hayes Undermines His Own #ParisAgreement Hysteria

Watts Up With That? Craziest reactions to Trump pulling out of Paris Agreement and Friday Funny

Powerline: Let the hysteria begin, Huma and Hillary's greatest email exchange and Paris was Yesterday

Instapundit: Fight Climate Change (start with DiCaprio's lifestyle), Democrats lost on climate changeWe need a Terrorism AccordThe Dems can't figure out why they are not connecting with working class voters,  Hotter? Not!Outrage from the left over Trump's Paris decision, I will believe there is climate change when its advocates start acting like there is climate change, Leo's eyebrows required an emergency flight

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