Monday, February 29, 2016

If they only gave an Academy Award for hypocrisy...

Don Surber: Aye Calypso!

Leo is seriously about saving the planet

How many of them clapping Joe Biden last night also signed the petition for Roman Polanski?

 Environmentalist: The story on how Leo got where he is (other than the jet planes and such)

Do you feel the planet getting hotter?

Six private jet flights in six weeks: Environmental advocacy is hard!

Instapundit: An Oscar for the grievance industry, Why nobody cares about the Oscars any more, let me preach to you before I gas up my private jet!, and the tragic infant drama that turns Leo into an Eco-Loon

Mark Steyn: I should have taken Climate Change denier Mark Steyn's advice and watched Hail Caesar

EBL: #TheBearIsLoose with Leo DiCaprio, #BlackGoatsMatter, and  Will Global Warming reduce Ginger Women?

Wombat: Crowder: Open letter to Leo

Rule 5 and FMJRA

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  1. Leo is starting to look like end stage Marlon Brando long before Brando did.

    Should have stuck to sex with Kate Winslet instead of bears.


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