Tuesday, March 1, 2016

March Madness: Super Tuesday is Here!

Smitty: It's Raining Knives

Super Duper!

EBL: The Road to IdiocracyIvanka Trump: One of the reasons Hugh Hewitt will still support Trump if he is the nominee in the general election, and the GOP's Kobayashi Maru Idiocracy: We're there

RedState/streiff: Things could be worse! Glenn Reynolds noted this phenomenon last week. If Trump is the Creature, the GOP Establishment is Dr. Frankenstein. And this particular article is only partially right and very much wrong on illegal immigration. Spare me the complete and utter bullshit that opposing illegal immigration or President Obama's disastrous policies is somehow racist. In fact, it is the GOP and Democrats' embrace of illegal immigration (and the GOP's partial failure in fully resisting Obama's policies) that has brought us where we are.  Is Trump at 49%? I guess we find out tomorrow. Somehow, I doubt a unity ticket, but I have been surprised before this election cycle.

And Legal Insurrection asks, does the New York Times have a recording of Donald Trump on illegal immigration (that might not match his current rhetoric)? Well then the joke is on Trump supporters, isn't it? The New York Times should be careful what is wishes for.

American Power Blog: Let the people choose and trust that decision (I know that is sort of crazy for the party elites to accept) and a Super Duper Trump Day looms

Regular Right Guy: Really, how soon we forget: The GOP Elite's Plan B

Lem's Levity: Choking the ChickenLike a Doll's Eyes, Rubio Tuesday

Instapundit: The monster now has a nameRoger Simon: The #NeverTrump crowd should get a life, Super TuesdayLive Blogging, Viacom's spokesman wants to smother Trump with Scalia's pillowCount me outBury It, Latent Trump VotersThe Next Obama, LileksEverything you need to know about Super Tuesday, What exactly did Trump say to the NYT editorial board, Richard Fernandez: How nations collapseZero Hedge: Has everyone lost their freaking minds?

DaTechGuy: Why the party elites don't want Trump, Hey, let's disavow David Duke and Bill AyersStop Trump Button

Protein Wisdom: Who not to vote for

JWF: To Trump Supporters

Powerline: I confess

Rush Limbaugh: Rush can't figure it out either, Ted Cruz's anti establishment bonafides, how Rubio screwed up

Michelle Malkin

AoSHQ: Only Ted Cruz can save us


  1. This is McConnell's and Ryan's (even more than Boehner's) doing.

    There were other people who might have done better than Trump, but the Whigs wanted them all destroyed.

    1. Mencken said: "Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard."


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