Monday, February 29, 2016

Ivanka Trump: One of Hugh Hewitt's reasons for supporting Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton...

Hugh Hewitt, who has certainly been downrange of some of Donald Trump's missives, has stated he would definitely support Trump over Hillary and gave six reasons why.  No. 6 is Ivanka Trump.  I have to agree on Hewitt's assessment of Ivanka, I am very impressed with her too.  

While some Republicans has said they will never support Trump, Nikki Haley (who is very much for Rubio) said she would support Donald Trump if he is the nominee in the general election. I respect those who disagree, but I do not think that choice is difficult at all. Hillary is horrible. I would rather have an unpredictable moderate Republican who is all over the map to Hillary Clinton who I know for sure will be a disaster.  

Trump also picked up Jeff Sessions, which has to hurt Cruz (who is Ted's only friend in the Senate). Of course, Establishment Republicans seem to hate Ted Cruz way more than Trump.  

Did Trump dis Chris Christie after the Christie endorsement? Since I am not a fan of Chris Christie, I hope so. Is Kasich next on board the Trump Train?  

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