Thursday, June 1, 2017

Will we always have Paris?

Well, we hope not. It is not guaranteed Trump will back out of this agreement (which was unilaterally imposed on us by Obama). Getting out of the Paris Accord is far from a done deal (Rush is right about this). President Trump is getting pressed hard on this from the left, the GOPe, many of his closest advisors (including Ivanka and Jared) and less close advisers.

The voices against are wrong. The Paris Accord is a very bad deal and the USA should opt out. It may seem odd that big oil is for the Paris Accords, until you recognize how much money is to be made (especially if you can tout natural gas as green). That does not help the rest of us. If you support the USA getting out of the Paris Accord, you should say so loudly and repeatedly to your Representatives and Senators and tell President Trump too.

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