Monday, February 29, 2016

If they only gave an Academy Award for hypocrisy...

Don Surber: Aye Calypso!

Leo is seriously about saving the planet

How many of them clapping Joe Biden last night also signed the petition for Roman Polanski?

 Environmentalist: The story on how Leo got where he is (other than the jet planes and such)

Do you feel the planet getting hotter?

Six private jet flights in six weeks: Environmental advocacy is hard!

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Mark Steyn: I should have taken Climate Change denier Mark Steyn's advice and watched Hail Caesar

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Wombat: Crowder: Open letter to Leo

Rule 5 and FMJRA

Ivanka Trump: One of Hugh Hewitt's reasons for supporting Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton...

Hugh Hewitt, who has certainly been downrange of some of Donald Trump's missives, has stated he would definitely support Trump over Hillary and gave six reasons why.  No. 6 is Ivanka Trump.  I have to agree on Hewitt's assessment of Ivanka, I am very impressed with her too.  

While some Republicans has said they will never support Trump, Nikki Haley (who is very much for Rubio) said she would support Donald Trump if he is the nominee in the general election. I respect those who disagree, but I do not think that choice is difficult at all. Hillary is horrible. I would rather have an unpredictable moderate Republican who is all over the map to Hillary Clinton who I know for sure will be a disaster.  

Trump also picked up Jeff Sessions, which has to hurt Cruz (who is Ted's only friend in the Senate). Of course, Establishment Republicans seem to hate Ted Cruz way more than Trump.  

Did Trump dis Chris Christie after the Christie endorsement? Since I am not a fan of Chris Christie, I hope so. Is Kasich next on board the Trump Train?  

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Hugh Hewitt says Donald Trump still preferable than Hillary Clinton

Sunday, February 28, 2016

#BlackLivesMatter: Why was the VVitch's Black Phillip denied even an Oscar nomination?

Hey, we're not kidding!  Why no Hollywood greatness for the goat?


Hey, don't even get me started about the Raven...

Instapundit: An Oscar for the grievance industry, Why no one cares about the OscarsRock crushed it, Chris Rock spares no one, Talking about goats Biden at the Oscars, The Oscars aren't racist, they are stuck in the past and what is with those Swag Bags?

Oscar ratings fall like a Rock? I would not blame Chris Rock for this as much as the whole preachy tone of the Oscars this year.

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Hamilton manages to make diversity and American History cool again

Hillary Clinton responds to Bernie Sanders supporters after South Carolina...

The VVitch: A Review

A psychological drama set in 1630 circa New England. A family on the edge of the wilderness, sixty years before the events of Salem, banished from their Puritan community. Based on historic records of the period, the film is true to the language, customs, dress and living conditions of the time. 

Isolated and alone, this family is in peril. Are they beset from evil from without or within?  

Without giving the movie away, this is not a typical modern horror movie full of gore and sex. It is however a very serious and scary movie that is NOT appropriate for children. This movie addresses damnation, sin and salvation as Puritans in New England would have. Is it just a folktale? Have we really moved beyond those issues?  

In mood it reminded me of the Blair Witch Project, which also managed to convey a sense of dread and growing panic on a light budget without overt gore.

Here are some additional reviews (caution spoilers): The New Yorker, Washington Free Beacon, Legal Insurrection,  The Wild HuntNew York Times and for a modest budget the production levels of this film are high

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Saturday, February 27, 2016

So which actress will have her career cursed with an Academy Award win? Update: Alicia Vikander wins!

Best Supporting Actress tends to be a win that results in a career curse, which is of course blamed on sexism (then again Hollywood is sexist).  

Jennifer Jason Leigh plays a freaky criminal in Hateful Eight

Rachel McAdams in Spotlight helping expose Boston Archdiocese Catholic Church sexual abuse 
The Academy likes that, since the attention is taken off Hollywood sexual abuse

Rooney Mara getting all Swiftian with Kate Blachlet in Carol

Alicia Vikander plays the beard in The Danish Girl
Are Trannies still hot in Hollywood?

Kate Winslet in Steve Jobs (I am going to guess, boring, not enough drama for an Oscar)

Is it me or did the movies mostly suck this year?

Instapundit: An Oscar for the grievance industryWhy no one cares about the OscarsRock crushed itChris Rock spares no one, Talking about goats Biden at the Oscars, The Oscars aren't racist, they are stuck in the past and what is with those Swag Bags?

Oscar ratings fall like a Rock?  I would not blame Chris Rock for this as much as the whole preachy tone of the Oscars this year.

TOM: #FreeStacy: Feminism as a death cult

Karlie Kloss and Taylor Swift: It's Decadent and Depraved not to #FreeStacy

You date Jake Gyllenhaal and before you know it you start hanging with Karlie Kloss...

Oh wait, the Kennedy kid was in the mix too.

You had boobs once, going the Karen Carpenter Keira Knightley route is not a way to maintain your looks...

Is Kasich next to endorse Donald Trump?

Update: Instapundit: Trump TrainNewt is going to be Trump's Chief of Staff?, Is the Trump preference cascade here?

All the signs are there. Kasich must be thinking he wants to be Trump's favorite. He has no chance on his own and Christie, while he would take vice president, is probably wanting the Attorney General spot. Kasich has the potential to deliver Ohio to Trump. Of course it must be a wee bit disconcerting to Kasich that Trump is leading him in Ohio. When you have Kasich predicting Trump is going to run the table on Super Tuesday, something seems to be up. Kasich is signaling he will put out for The Donald if he gets picked to go to the prom with him.

These Establishment Republicans love to suck up. I find Christie and Kasich especially annoying. While I have my profound doubts about Donald Trump, it is those two who give me a lot of pause in this race. I can't stand either one of them. Although they are not as bad as Lindsay Graham, who is a scheming palace eunuch of the worse sort.

If you are a big Trump supporter and really think he is the best choice out there, fair enough.  I disagree (Ace gives an excellent reason here and there will be an onslaught), but at least you are sincere about it. But the cynical nature of these tools who trashed Trump until they decided it was in their best interest to support him are what I find revealing.

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