Saturday, February 27, 2016

So which actress will have her career cursed with an Academy Award win? Update: Alicia Vikander wins!

Best Supporting Actress tends to be a win that results in a career curse, which is of course blamed on sexism (then again Hollywood is sexist).  

Jennifer Jason Leigh plays a freaky criminal in Hateful Eight

Rachel McAdams in Spotlight helping expose Boston Archdiocese Catholic Church sexual abuse 
The Academy likes that, since the attention is taken off Hollywood sexual abuse

Rooney Mara getting all Swiftian with Kate Blachlet in Carol

Alicia Vikander plays the beard in The Danish Girl
Are Trannies still hot in Hollywood?

Kate Winslet in Steve Jobs (I am going to guess, boring, not enough drama for an Oscar)

Is it me or did the movies mostly suck this year?

Instapundit: An Oscar for the grievance industryWhy no one cares about the OscarsRock crushed itChris Rock spares no one, Talking about goats Biden at the Oscars, The Oscars aren't racist, they are stuck in the past and what is with those Swag Bags?

Oscar ratings fall like a Rock?  I would not blame Chris Rock for this as much as the whole preachy tone of the Oscars this year.

TOM: #FreeStacy: Feminism as a death cult

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