Sunday, February 28, 2016

The VVitch: A Review

A psychological drama set in 1630 circa New England. A family on the edge of the wilderness, sixty years before the events of Salem, banished from their Puritan community. Based on historic records of the period, the film is true to the language, customs, dress and living conditions of the time. 

Isolated and alone, this family is in peril. Are they beset from evil from without or within?  

Without giving the movie away, this is not a typical modern horror movie full of gore and sex. It is however a very serious and scary movie that is NOT appropriate for children. This movie addresses damnation, sin and salvation as Puritans in New England would have. Is it just a folktale? Have we really moved beyond those issues?  

In mood it reminded me of the Blair Witch Project, which also managed to convey a sense of dread and growing panic on a light budget without overt gore.

Here are some additional reviews (caution spoilers): The New Yorker, Washington Free Beacon, Legal Insurrection,  The Wild HuntNew York Times and for a modest budget the production levels of this film are high

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