Sunday, December 4, 2016

Jon Huntsman for State: Mr. President Elect, Just Say NO

*Gulp*: I hope this is just a bait and switch to justify Romney, or Petraeus, or anyone else...

I recognize that there is all sorts of things going on behind the scenes, so I assume this is part of that process.  Still, I feel compelled to speak out about even the possibility of this. If anyone is seriously considering Jon Huntsman for any senior position in the Trump White House...stop it immediately and reconsider anyone else.  

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  1. I don't know what Trump is playing at with SecState, but so far the potential contenders (Romney, Petraeus, or Huntsman) would be on my black list to be banned from government. Well, maybe not Romney, but he would certainly be banned from my administration. For that reason, I think all the talk is a smoke screen, just don't know why its needed. Hell, Rubio is on the Senate Foreign Relations committee; I rather he be made SecState before the three mentioned. I'm good with Bolton. Robert Gates might be interested, ask him.

    1. I say no way on Gates, but he would be better than Huntsman. I like Petraeus (personally), but I doubt he can be confirmed and is damaged goods. I am not a big Romney fan, but I would take Mitt any day over Huntsman.


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