Sunday, December 4, 2016

Sunday Schadenfreude

Well what can you do lefties...Cry It Out:

Even though I voted for him, I admit I doubted it too (I never imagined Wisconsin really was in play), but every day since November 8 has been like Christmas!  Come on #NeverTrumpers, even you must love the spectacle of the left since the election.  

And yes, Don Surber gets to collect all the left's bitter tears (if you are nice to him he might share), he filed a Mining Claim on them first! He even wrote a book on the subject.  

The left's bitter tears are perfect for cocktails!  Here are some favorite bitter cocktails from San Francisco. You can always go with classics too, like a Manhattan, Old Fashioned, or a Sazerac.

Lem's Place" Your Loss and the Voter Fraud That Will Never Get Checked

EBL: Jill Stein's Jihad ends up with: Twitchy: More Votes for Trump!

The Hill: #NeverTrumpers come around (well some of them)

TOM: Cancel the Post Holiday Party!

Legal Insurrection: Sore Losers Week

AoSHQ: Cheney on Trump and King

TOM: #LashEquality

Lem: Taiwan Trump


  1. Who is the arrogant fat fuck in the first video beginning around 4 min?

    1. Bob Beckel. Drunken White Liberal Democrat, hangs in with Liberals on CNN. He's a chubby nobody. The obese Black guy was/is Keith Ellison, Muslim Congressman from the Dearborn Region, the New Caliphate. HE is much more interesting as regards the Democrats. Best part is Ellison is agitating to head and install an all-Black Review in command of the Democrat leadership from the top down at DNC. Democrats are just guilty-feeling enough to hand it all over. A splintering may be in the offing. The Oligarchy is unlikely to fund the Democrat Party going forward with such things going on. There have to be big problems and quiet protesting in circles as the financing arms of the Clinton Foundation and the Global Initiative and of course with Soros, Wall Street, these are all Jewish/White organizations. They will use Blacks, they'll never share power with Blacks. Something is going to have to give. Sounds like Blacks are wise. A few of them are getting Uppity against Democrats and the Party structure and at Feminist Inc. I've been encouraging Black Women to get uppity against the White Feminist NOW structure for decades now. Finally, a little traction for WOC. Getting Black Women of Color going against the Feminist-Ruled Democrat Party would be the equivalent of turning BLM into the streets. That needs to be the next task of all of us in comments and articles. "Hey Feminism? Democrats? Where are People Of Color in the Party?" Hint: Asians don't count.


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