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Monday, November 28, 2016

So what is going on with Donald Trump and Mitt Romney and this Secretary of State Nomination?

The most obvious explanation is an influence struggle between Vice President Elect Mike Pence (who is reported to favor Romney) and Stephen Bannon and Kellyanne Conway (who don't). President Elect Trump respects both opinions. There were reports Rudy Giuliani was a lock for the job. And then again talk of Petraeus (and a Trump Tower visit but another Petraeus investigation(?)). While an insider struggle like this is not unusual, it seems odd (and a bit disconcerting) that this debate would be so public.  

Heat Street: Row over Romney Exposes Cracks  Interesting article, if true. Heat Street is saying that Bannon and Reince are upset with Kellyanne. YMMV.  

Hmmm (yes Rebekah Mercer does look like Tina Fey)

Hot Air: Hmmm & Soon
Legal Insurrection: Hmmm
DaTechGuy/JD Rucker: Hmmm
RedState: It's a theory, but seems clouded by #NeverTrumperism but then again there is this

ZeroHedge: Trump Reportedly "Furious" Over Kellyanne Conway's "Rogue" Comments About Mitt Romney

Instapundit: Scott Adams: Trump Talent Stack, It's A Trap, Cabinet of Rivals?, Scott Adams (reprograming the anti-Trumper): Trump is not a racist (and you should read this article)

Bloomberg: Trump to Meet Petraeus as Secretary of State Fight Continues

Wombat: JustOneMinute: An Unexpectedly Positive Appraisal of Stephen Bannon

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