Thursday, November 17, 2016

Mitt Romney for Secretary of State? What about VA? Wait, Scott Brown for VA?

I am not sure what to say, other than gobsmacked. I could see Romney in some business or education cabinet position to show a sign of GOP party unity, even Treasury, but State?  Call me skeptical. I still have to assume this can't be serious (at least not for State)...can it? 

Instapundit: Healing! and Hmmm?

AoSHQ: Really? and Trump Meeting with Romney

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EBL: John Bolton and others for Secretary of StateThe Borking of BannonMilo as Press SecretaryGetting a new Sheriff In Town? and Real Climate Change at EPA?
Twitchy: Does Ann Coulter think this helps Trump's position?  I am not a fan of Nikki Haley for State either--she has no foreign policy experience (and I suspect it is not all that serious either), but perhaps the OTT tweeting from a professed Trump supporter might be a thing to avoid right now?

Yahoo: President Elect Trump offers Michael Flynn National Security Adviser

Hot Air: Romney is a turn around management specialist and the VA needs some turning around

RedState: Scott Brown to head VA?


  1. The rumors are flying.

    I doubt that after all Mitt said and did that he'd get State.

    But you never know.

  2. Hope Trump called Romney up to NY for one thing, to tell him “You can have State if you suck my dick on New Year’s Eve in Times Square”. Then, call a rust bucket shit box of a cab to send him back to Newark (not a NY Airport) for a private flight aboard Trump’s decrepit DC-3. Because that’s what Romney deserves. No point getting cozy when no matter what, they hate you anyway. Romney put a lot of Americans out of work with the companies he bought, robbed the pensions and then closed. FUCK Romney. Then he had a big mouth the last year and a half too. Republicans that hated Trump aren't Republicans, they were Democrats. Romney was rooting for Hillary, can't have that disloyalty.

    1. He is not going to do that exactly, but it probably crossed his mind...


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